What can you expect from Byorick Law Practice?

Thorough preparation work provides a solid and dependable foundation for your patent application. Making sure your ideas become secure assets is the goal.

As a business owner I am sensitive to the costs involved with the investment of patent filing. I will keep a sharp eye on controlling and reducing costs where ever possible.

Quality patent applications are highly enforceable, providing protection for you and your company. Strong patent protection creates a higher licensing value for your intellectual property.

I stand behind my applications with an umbrella of continued support to ensure client confidence.

What makes Byorick Law different from other Patent Attorneys?

I approach each client with an eye to building a long-term relationship. Getting to know the scientists, counsel, and management team helps build a continuity for my work. It is an investment larger law firms are not always willing to make.

I may be a lawyer, but I’m easy to talk with. Training in research chemistry helps me understand what the inventor is talking about. A corporate perspective enables me to see what management is trying to accomplish from a legal and business point of view.

Coming from a background of over 22 years in patent law with one of the busiest corporate research groups in the U.S., I have dealt directly with almost every conceivable legal problem that might be encountered. Drawing on this experience base enables me to organize and produce patent related materials that will be right for you.

Using the tools developed over the years, I can produce detailed applications quickly and efficiently. And, because the work is not divided up between several less experienced associates, it has a consistently higher level of quality.